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Personal privacy

Steve Bliss Law San Diego Estate Planning Attorney Trust attorney Steve Bliss Law knows all about the needs and requirements of being the best estate planning lawyer in San Diego. Therefore, you would be very wise to consult with Steve Bliss Law for your Trust attorney needs or even your probate lawyer needs before it is too late. Here is a Table About SteveBlissLaw:

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One unique benefit of utilizing a trust over a will is the privacy that it offers. Wills must be probated. This includes the court having jurisdiction over the case. When a will is probated, it becomes a matter of public record. Some courts permit any such documents to be accessed by anybody with access to the court system. A trust provides personal privacy due to the fact that it is not a matter of public record. It is administered privately by the named trustee.


Using a trust offers greater control over the properties and income. In a will, a present is provided to the called recipient. Nevertheless, a trust allows the grantor to establish a series of directions for the trustee to follow about how the property must be used. In this way, the grantor can make guaranteed directions about how to manage the trust property.


Some people do not wish to give an outright gift to another individual before or after their death. In a will, there are no conditions to these presents. In a trust, the grantor can establish conditions about when an individual can get gifts from the trust. For instance, the trust might require the trustee to refrain from supplying trust funds to a beneficiary till he or she graduates college, tests unfavorable on a drug test or reaches a particular age.

Probate Avoidance

Using a trust may help a person prevent the probate process. Probate is concerned with the assets that an individual owns at the time of his/her death. If the individual owns no property, his or her estate does not go through this procedure. A trust transfers legal ownership from the grantor to the trust itself. Not going through probate often assists a person’s estate be handled much more effectively without the included expenses and time-consuming nature of the probate procedure.

Ease Of Access

Another advantage of using the probate process rather of a will is that the grantor can still maintain the assets throughout his/her life time. If he or she becomes handicapped, the trust may have language that permits the trust funds to be utilized for his or her own care. The property in a trust can be readily available for the grantor’s use in case of impairment or other unexpected situations. Having a trust also makes it possible to constantly manage property, income and trust funds during the grantor’s special needs, which would not be paid for with just a will in location because a will does not make arrangements when it comes to special needs.

Avoidance of Conservatorship Proceedings

Since a trust can offer the management of possessions during an individual’s disability or incapacitation, potential conservatorship procedures might be avoided. This kind of court case is often invasive and may need continuous court involvement. Guardianship or conservatorship procedures can be intricate and expensive, often needing a bond, annual accounting and additional legal costs.


A revocable trust is frequently more flexible than a will. It might be more helpful in cases including beneficiaries and possessions that remain in other states. With a will, there may be a need to develop a probate case in each state where property is situated. Trusts can likewise be easily amended.

Quicker Personality

When properties have actually already been moved to the trust, it might be much faster for the trustee to dispose of these properties according to the instructions in the trust file than it would consider the administrator of a will to deal with the assets. When going through the probate procedure, the administrator needs to supply notice to known successors and lenders and settle financial obligations before any circulation to recipient can take place. On the other hand, possessions in a revocable trust might be liquidated or dispersed quicker.

Legal Assistance

Individuals who are considering preparing a trust or a will may wish to seek advice from with an estate planning attorney. She or he can explain the advantages of utilizing a trust in addition to a will. She or he can make suggestions based upon the particular considerations of the customer. She or he may even advise utilizing both documents, such as by utilizing a pour-over will that puts any property owned at the time of the testator’s death into the trust.